Behind the Scenes: An Interview With Carolina Theatre Executive Sean Seifert

Sean Seifert has been solving problems both big and small his whole career.

He designed his first building in 1992 for a ski resort. From there, he started his own company building high-end, custom garages. A stint overseeing construction and systems support at the Whitewater Center followed. By 2020, Sean had started another company, this time building houses. That lifetime of solving problems, leading projects and doing a little bit of everything led him to the Carolina Theatre, where he took over construction in early 2024.

As he steers the project toward the finish line – aiming to have the building complete by late 2024 with an eye toward 2025 for an opener – Sean took a few minutes to update us on the project.

So, what’s been your favorite thing about this project?

SEAN: One of the things I was intrigued about when I was brought on is the technology we are installing in the theatre. What we are doing over there is really, really cool. No other theatre in the Carolinas has this sort of stuff. That was interesting, because I’m kind of a geek.

I’ve kind of been a jack of all trades – I’ve always been on over the place. Society sometimes looks down on that. Once I started building houses, I saw it as an asset, to know these different things and bring it together. That’s what I like about the theatre – it’s not just construction. You have high technology, people management – all that stuff, put into a ball, is the driving force that pushes me.

With all the anticipation, what can you not wait to share with donors and audiences?

SEAN: The projection mapping (a projection system similar to the recent Van Gogh traveling exhibit) for the theatre is really going to be the wow factor. But stuff like the state-of-the-art sound – people might not realize it, because you can’t see it – is going to be amazing. Also, all the plaster work is really cool. We’ve spent a lot of time getting it there. Charlotte likes to tear everything down – we are restoring this, so all of that has been a challenge. But the benefit is going to be really cool.

As we head toward the end date, what are you most proud of about how the project has come together?

SEAN: I’m proud we’ve created an environment for everyone to thrive in and do the best job they can do. You can see it in the work that’s being done.

Give us a peek inside – what are you working on now?

SEAN: The biggest thing at the moment is we are finally starting to put the historic façade up in the lobby. Once that gets done, the rigging will go in, then the technology. We are close!