First Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Performance at the Carolina Theatre

Members of the fledgling Charlotte Symphony Orchestra had been practicing together for just three months when they took the stage for a debut performance at the Carolina Theatre on the evening of March 20, 1932. The night’s feature presentation was the premiere of a symphony written by Spanish composer and violinist Guillermo de Roxlo, who also served as conductor for the concert. de Roxlo began composing the symphony in 1931 while living in Cuba and completed the work upon arriving in Charlotte. As described by a local journalist, the work’s three movements, “splendidly interpreted” by the musicians, carried listeners through “the many great emotions of a human being.”

In addition to de Roxlo’s symphony, the orchestra also performed arrangements by Mozart, Debussy, Grieg, and Wagner, all of which were reportedly met by “splendid applause” from the appreciative audience. “A new music era for Charlotte” had begun. 



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