Paul Norris, Organist at the Carolina Theatre

Norris played a variety of music on the theater’s Wurlitzer organ, including classic tunes and ballads as well as popular hits of the day, interspersed with engaging commentary about current and coming cinema attractions. The popular concerts made Norris a well-known personality in Charlotte. The Mecklenburg Times reported that he “quite captivated Charlotte radio fans with his sympathetic interpretations of their favorite musical numbers,” and staff members of the radio station joked that Norris might need to “engage the services of a secretary” to handle his fan mail.

Also in the 1930s, the theater hosted “The Charlotte News-Carolina Theatre Pop Eye and Mickey Mouse Club,” a Saturday morning children’s program that was sponsored by the Charlotte News. Admission was a dime and engaged local children in an amateur stage show, a movie, and entertainment by Big Chief Wimpy (played by Norris), Big Chief Pop Eye and Olive Oyl.


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